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The Price Of Quality

I see many adverts for Pedigree Ragdoll kittens for sale that are what I deem cheap for a pedigree cat. Some one may sell you a pedigree kitten with a four or five generation family tree, this is what is known as their pedigree. This on it's own does not mean that the kitten is a pedigree cat. The kitten must be registered with a cat association or governing body such as TICA, GCCF or FIFE to be a pedigree cat. If the kitten is not registered it is NOT a pedigree.

The guideline price for a registered pedigree ragdoll cat sold as a pet, as recommended by the TBRCC (The British Ragdoll Cat Club)is from £400 upwards, this may include the cost of neutering and vaccination in this price. I have seen unregistered ragdoll kittens at this price also, most are priced from £250 without registration. Please make sure when you are looking into becoming a ragdoll owner that the breeder is registered with a cat association or that the kitten is registered.

We spend a lot of time raising our ragdoll cats and kittens, giving them the best start in life possible. All this comes at a cost and this is reflected in our prices of pedigree registered ragdolls. We carry out tests for HCM and PKD and veterinary health checks etc, making sure that you get a healthy quality ragdoll that you are paying for. They are fed the best and raised with love. When you buy an unregistered kitten, you could potentially be buying an unhealthy kitten, raised  without love and in poor conditions.Which in the long term could actually cost you more than buying a healthy happy registered kitten.

Currently I do not vaccinate my kittens due to the risk of adverse reaction.

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