Kitten Availability

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We are planning litters for 2018


Please look at the China Cages Page for more on why I will NEVER ship to China

 On Hold: Interest shown, no deposit has been made
Reserved: Deposit has been made on this kitten
Assessment: Kitten is under assessment for breed or show quality
Sold: Kitten has gone to live with his/her new parents

We are expecting Ragdoll litters in May & June 2016

Loki In his new Home with Joyce 
Oreo In his new Home with Andres and Cristina

Gizmo In his new Home with Alison

Verity Jane In her new Home with David and Samantha

We have one litter of babies from each of our queens in one year, we may chose two or three queens in the autumn to have another litter. We do not over breed our queens, to keep them in good health.



Kittens Available For reservation, viewings can be arranged. If you are viewing other kittens please make sure that you visit them on separate days to avoid the possible spread of disease as this can be transmitted on clothing thank you.

If you would like one of my babies you must read the kitten contract and agree to it before contacting myself, they are sold as "PETS ONLY"

All Kittens will be micro chipped and will also have a veterinary health certificate before leaving.

All Kittens will be registered with The International Cat association "TICA" as pets only, once I have received a veterinary certificate of neuter/spay. Upon receipt of this you will receive your registration slip from "TICA"  and a complete four generation pedigree.

We occasionally have some older Ragdoll's looking for a forever permanent home. Please call for Information. 

Kitten Prices are as follows:

Blue and Seal Ragdoll Kitten Price POA**

Lilac and Chocolate Ragdoll Kitten Price from POA** 

Mink Ragdoll Kitten Price from POA** this includes spay or neuter 

Neva Masquerade Siberian Kitten Price POA**

Show or Breeding Kitten price on application. Only available to registered, ethical breeders.

**Reservation fee of a kitten is £150

I carefully screen kitten buyers and reserve the right to refuse to sell with no explanation.

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