Ragdolls Around Our Home

I would like to show you around our cat home. All our cats and kittens live with us within the family home, as I have mentioned before. No cat is ever caged and only our stud boys live outside in a heated cattery, we use solar panels to generate the electric for the heating and lighting. We do have a back up mains power for during the winter months, when there is not so much sun. We currently have three stud boys that live together very happily considering that they are entire. One of them is retiring and will be neutered very soon. We also have a new stud Bournville that currently lives in the home with us, he will eventually join the boys outside once he becomes mature and we will introduce him to his new friends gradually. The boys are separated from the girls as I breed selectively.

Over the years of breeding my ragdolls, because they are indoor cats only, we have adjusted our home that best suits them. We have now installed an outdoor run on the back of our home, where they can taste the fresh air and see the boys, dogs too! watch and hear the birds as they are cats after all. I chose to furniture it with conservatory furniture, rather than a few cat trees. As we know they do take over the sofa, so this made much more sense and we can sit with them too

 This is where my kittens live from around two to three weeks of age up until around six/seven weeks of age. I have them in here for their safety and throughout the weaning stage and litter training. They can learn to play and socialize with their siblings. In the pen they are provided with food, water,beds and cat litter tray and a variety of cat toys. Mum of course, she is free to come and go as she pleases. My pen is purpose built from Germany and made from a wooden frame with clear perspex so they can see outside and all that goes on around them.The flooring is rubber and we use 'Anistel' a high level surface disinfectant for cleaning the kitten pen daily, this is what is used by vets in their practices. 
The pen is ideal  for them getting used to the everyday sounds such as the hoover at a safe distance and intergrating with the older ragdolls too, the older ragdolls will go and visit the new additions occasionally. Once they are litter trained we open the door and gradually introduce them to the rest of the home. Exploring the kitchen as the washing machine certainly attracts their attention! They also find the other cat trays conveniently hidden in cabinets for their privacy, also the main cat food bowls and meet the hoover in the flesh and no fear is shown. This helps prepare them for their new home. Even going outdoors to explore the outdoor run! Once they are confident little kittens they only visit the kitten pen if they wish to, spending most of their time within the family home. We also use a biodegradable cat litter, we currently are using Natures Calling which is the inside of walnut shell, fully flushable down the toilet and has a lovely smell, with no odours. 

And finally a picture of a bundle of fluff, I do not know how many we can fit in a bed!! this is of the kittens once they are out of the kitten pen.

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